Thursday, June 9, 2011

Make a Ripple...

God reminded me of a conversation today I had with my youth minister, Ben, when I was a student. We both listened to John Reuben occasionally as nerdy youth ministry fans do and Reuben once poetically said something to the effect of---

"I'm not trying to change it all, I just want to make a ripple".

And I remember Ben telling me that ALL he wanted to do was"make a ripple."
To be used of God mightily for his glory..
That's all he wanted..

And I remember thinking at first; selfishly I want more that that...
But then I thought about that much later as Ben always caught on to things quicker than I did, and frankly still does. And I realized what a worthy goal: To make a ripple.

To be used of God in whatever way He sees fit.. THAT is a worthy life goal.

Not as concerned with the results; but the process.

God use me however you want to for YOUR glory.

"God, just let me make a ripple."

Well today, that fire has been re-lit in my belly. I have also spent some time pondering on people who have poured into me and have helped shape me into the man I've become.

I thought of 5 people:

1 & 2: My parents.

3. Ben Hackler

4. Mark Robinson

5. Steve Speer.

These people have at least made a ripple, I know because God has used them over and over again in MY life.

So, my challenge for you is this:

1) Make it a goal of yours to make a ripple.

   To be used of God in whatever way He sees fit. All of you for All of Him.. To be Ben, Mark, or Steve to someone else.. Ask God to use you in that way today even if you feel incapable..

Ask God to use you to make a ripple..

I know it makes a difference.. That its worth it. The sacrifice. The intentional discipleship..

Because I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for these 5 ripple makers.

2) encourage people today that have been used of God mightily in YOUR life.. 

Sent them a text, or message, or take em out to coffee next week. Something. Let em know that God has used them in your life.. It may be just what they need today...

To know that they have at least made a ripple for His glory.

                        So.... Who has God used mightily in YOUR life?

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